Wish List: Youth Enrichment Fund

The Youth Enrichment Fund is a designated fund which is set up in our policies and procedures to be a way for our volunteer CASA Advocates to request up to $200 per year, per child, for special needs that they make us aware of. It is the best we we have found over the past twenty years of serving these children, to be able to fairly prioritize and fulfill the need for physical items for these kids. 

Often times these children are literally removed from their homes in the middle of the night with only the clothes on their backs. In other cases they simply do not have their basic needs met in terms of clothing, shoes, coats and the like. Therefore, basic clothing needs is one of the most requested areas that this fund helps provide for. 

However, the fund is set up to be used for a variety of needs such as summer camps, sport camps, basic sports equipment, other supplemental educational opportunities and a host of other needs that come in every week that either help that child survive, or give them an opportunity to enhance their academic, physical or cultural experiences. 

Since this fund is set up as a designated fund, this means that we are obligated by tax law to use any funds donated to this funds to be used solely for this purpose. 

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